Room 101: Mike Penn – Moseley full-back

1. Reality TV
Love Island is all the lads at Moseley ever talk about. It seems to have taken over from Big Brother as the ‘must-see’ programme. For me, it’s just a load of idiots on screen trying to be famous. I just don’t get the fascination with it at all, there are far more important/ entertaining things to watch.
TRP verdict: We love to hate that show too, you’re in.
2. Cinema chat
Cinemas are for watching films not conversations. If you want to talk to your mate, go to the pub instead. I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie the other day and people were chatting all the way through it. I can’t say it ruined the movie because it wasn’t that good in the first place, but it’s bad manners regardless.
TRP verdict: Maybe the ‘talkies’ are coming back in fashion? Either way, it’s not on and you’ve every right to go wild in the aisles.
3. Building site toilets
I work as an on-site manager for Persimmon Homes and the on-site toilets are a disgrace. They are cleaned first thing in the morning but by the 10am break time, they resemble something you’d expect to see at a festival. Toilet paper is scattered everywhere and you‘ve got to be careful where you stand because the floor is so wet.
TRP verdict: You’ve just cemented your position in Room 101.

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