Room 101: George Robson – London Irish lock

1. Airport queue cretins
As you approach airport security there are signs everywhere telling you what you need to do in advance yet people still forget that they need to take their belts off, empty loose change and keys from their pockets and get electrical devices out of their bags, all resulting in unnecessary delays to the process. They’ve had their chance to shine only to blow it when the pressure is on. It kills me if I hear someone say, ‘oh, can’t you take liquids on airplanes?’
TRP verdict: Take the fast-track route into Room 101. These ditherers need to take flight.
2. Hindsight coaching
You get this a lot from the bloke down the pub and TV commentators, particularly after a decision is made to kick for the corner instead of going for a kick at goal or vice-versa. If you fail to come away with a try, they say the risk wasn’t worth taking; if you go for three points, they will contest the decision and say you should have been bolder in your decision-making. It is all outcome-based rhetoric and easy with the benefit of hindsight.
TRP verdict: After close review, we can’t let this through.
3. Obvious bald spots
I’m talking lads in their 20s here who’ve got massively obvious bald spots – a real French monk look – but refuse to get their hair cut short because they don’t want to confront reality and embrace their baldness like I did when I was younger. People shouldn’t hang onto their lids when they are well gone.
TRP verdict: Trimmers are winners with us too.

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