Room 101: Robin Hislop – Doncaster prop

1. Foreign meat
I grew up on a farm in the Scottish Borders rearing sheep and cattle so it pains me when I see foreign meat on sale in our supermarkets. Some people have this misconception that New Zealand lamb tastes better, when it actually tastes 100 per cent worse.
TRP verdict: No-one can accuse you of being sheepish, I bet! You’ve got our vote.
2. Lateness
It winds me up no end when I tell the players to meet up at 6.45pm for a lineout or scrum session and some of them rock up at 6.55pm. My old man was a bit of a freak for being punctual – he’d turn up ridiculously early for anything – and I think that’s rubbed off on me. I don’t like leaving things to the last minute.
TRP verdict: We’ll second this, lateness is plain rude.
3. Missed touch
This breaks me as both a player and a coach. I think it is inexcusable when the 10 misses touch from a penalty after his team-mates have worked so hard at the breakdown or the set-piece to engineer an opportunity to win territory. As well as being totally deflating for your team, it also gives the opposition such a lift.
TRP verdict: Talk about crossing the line (or not, as the case may be), your fly-halves better watch out!

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