Room 101: Isaac Green – Hull Ionians scrum-half

1. Slow walkers
This kills me. There’s nothing worse than being stuck behind slow walkers in town, taking up the whole width of the pavement. Just get on with it!
TRP verdict: It’s time for slow walkers to jog on into Room 101.
2. Protesting vegans
Having grown up on a farm my diet is naturally heavy on meat and especially eggs! Social media is becoming a nightmare with grass and leaves lovers displaying their plateful of food to the world and telling everyone how they should cut meat out. What a load of rubbish. They even got wound up over the new fiver!
TRP verdict: No need to make a meal about it!
3. Crocs and Skechers
Both churn out some really poor clobber. Our 40-year-old prop Jonno loves them mind and is a decent customer of theirs, but that just shows his age. Fair play to him though, he’s still going strong so we’ll forgive him on the attire front, as long as it doesn’t trickle down into the next generation of Ionians.
TRP verdict: You give an old Croc some sympathy on one hand and then stick the boot in with the other. Like your style!

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