Room 101: James Horwill – Harlequins lock

1. Plane pain
Being a longer-limbed person – I am 6ft 6ins – I find it very annoying when the person in front of me moves their seat right back until I have barely room to breathe. It is not a pleasant experience – especially on long-haul flights. We used to fly a fair bit when I was in Super Rugby and I’d dig my knees in on purpose and commit to that position for as long as was humanly possible, or until they got the message and gave me some room.
TRP verdict: We can tell this isn’t a knee-jerk reaction so who are we to stop it going through?
2. Unhygienic team-mates
I cop a lot of stick for the amount I shower but I’d rather do that than smell. Too many of my team-mates, without naming any names, like to make a quick exit after training without having a good wash which is just unhygienic in my opinion.
TRP verdict: No sweat James, we’ll put this one through too.
3. No indicating
The failure to indicate when out on the road seems to be a persistent fault of drivers here in the UK, where, if I’m being honest, I think the driving is pretty loose all round – certainly in London. Warning people in which direction you are heading should not be an optional extra like some people seem to think it is. In terms of my Quins team-mates, Mark Lambert is guilty.
TRP verdict: Blinking hell, you’ve got another one.

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