Room 101: Will Spencer – Worcester lock

1. Hesitation at roundabouts
I get frustrated when people come to a stop at roundabouts regardless of whether there’s any traffic or not. Normally you can tell from a good distance away if there is anything coming from your right, and if there isn’t why not just carry on rather than hold everyone up? It’s the same with people who get in the wrong lane at roundabouts and then suddenly switch at the last minute. Show some awareness!
TRP verdict: No need to go around and around in circles with this one, head straight into Room 101
2. Injuries
I’ve had my fair share of injuries with two shoulder operations in recent times, and not being able to do what you’re paid to do is the most frustrating thing in the world. While your mates are out there running about, you’re stuck indoors doing rehab and fitness. The amount of days I’ve gone to games in my number ones is depressing. Hopefully, I can now string together a good run of games.
TRP verdict: You’ve shouldered the burden well Will, and deserve a break – not metaphorically speaking!
3. Gym selfies
I find blokes who take selfies of themselves while looking in the mirror at the gym totally cringeworthy. People that do this and then post them on Snapchat or Instagram probably actually do a ten-minute work-out in a one-hour session; the rest of the time they are just posing. I was in a Fitness First gym the other day and one bloke was asking another to take a picture of him and they spent ages faffing about making sure the lighting and the angle was right.
TRP verdict: Give me strength! These people just have to go in to Room 101.

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