Room 101: Billy Burns – Gloucester scrum-half

1. Hoovering
My girlfriend may disagree but I like to think I do my fair share of tidying up. One thing I absolutely hate though is hoovering, it gives me a bad back and it’s as boring as hell. Obviously being a Gloucester player it would be wrong of me to own a Dyson, one of Bath’s sponsors. Instead we have a pink Hetty the Hoover; it’s a bit tragic really.
TRP verdict: You’re one step closer to a clean sweep.
2. Bad weather
I hate waking up when it’s cold and wet let alone training and playing when the weather is like that. My pet hate is having to wear thermals. They make me feel too hot and I just don’t feel comfortable playing in them.
TRP verdict: This can go in … by the skins of your teeth.
3. Picking up dog mess
Obviously, I know it’s something that needs to be done but it doesn’t mean I can’t moan about it. After two years of helping to look after our King Charles Cavalier, a little boy dog that looks like a little girl, you’d think I might have got used to it but, oh no, it’s still as smelly and unpleasant as ever.
TRP verdict: No need to cry foul, we agree, dog poo is totally disgusting.

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