Room 101: Ricky Aley – South Leicester fly-half

1. Noisy eaters
It really gets me when people eat loudly and slurp. Apparently, this makes me misophonic – yes, the hatred of noisy eating even has its own name, which my family love to wind me up about. Tom Cheney is probably the worst in our squad; he shovels his food in and has really sloppy chops.
TRP verdict: How can we let this fall on deaf ears? It sounds like you need a break.
2. Lateness
I pride myself on my punctuality so it winds me up when team-mates fail to make meet-up times. Barring some disaster, how difficult is it to be in the right place at the right time? If I had to name and shame anybody, I’d have to point the finger at our scrum-half, Adam Shaw.
TRP verdict: Would you Adam and Eve it, that’s two out of two.
3. Bus journeys
We’re in National 2 North which means some long bus trips, to places like Tynedale. It’s especially bad for me as I live in Worcestershire and it’s been known for me to leave the house at 7.30am on the morning of a match. Bus journeys are just so monotonous. It’s okay on the way home if you’ve had a good win but getting there is a drag. Tom Cheney is one to avoid sitting next to; he never shuts up. Also, the only time we get a good bus is when the sponsor is on board as a passenger.
TRP verdict: Tynedale? That’s definitely a Cor-bridge too far. Well done on the hat-trick.

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