Room 101: David Williams – Nottingham full-back

1. Onions
I don’t like the taste of onions no matter what the variety is or whether they’re cooked or raw. My dad always used to say that onions were a filler food, in that they don’t add flavour to a dish, and I think there’s a lot of substance to that school of thought. You don’t get onion casseroles, do you? It’s a pointless food in my opinion.
TRP verdict: You certainly know your onions, don’t you? I’m afraid it’s time to shed a few tears, though, as it’s not going in.
2.  Indoor shrubbery
I don’t understand why people feel the need to bring things from the outside into their home … you know, pot plants and things like that. At my mum’s house, you see them in every corner of the room, ready to wilt and die. They offer nothing whatsoever to the aesthetics. If anything, I find them a bit depressing.
TRP verdict: We agree, what’s the Poinsettia of these things?
3. Bikram yoga
Naturally I’m not the most flexible of people and once, while I was at Leicester Tigers academy, we had to do Bikram yoga. Cockers is a big fan of it but, for me, it was probably the most horrific and uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done in my life. The session was carried out in what felt like 50-degree heat and was supposed to last an hour and a half. I tried to make myself pass out so that I could cut it short. I’ve never done yoga since and, whenever possible, I avoid going to hot climates on holiday.
TRP verdict: We’ll bend over backwards to get this in too.

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