Room 101: Christian Wade – Wasps wing

1. Brussels sprouts
I tasted one once as a kid and spat it out before I swallowed it. I didn’t like the taste or the texture. If they were lightly battered, I might be prepared to give them another go. They used to dip vegetables cut like chips in batter when we were in camp with England U18s and 20s and they always tasted good.
TRP verdict: No need to pull a sprout pout, it’s not going in!
2. Marmite
I reckon I could force myself to eat Marmite if there was nothing else left in the cupboard but it does taste weird. I’d rather have some nice melted butter on warm toast any day of the week.
TRP verdict: It’s time to spread a bit of happiness your way by letting this one through.
3. Ice baths
I’m a much bigger fan of cryotherapy (ice chambers) in terms of recovery than ice baths. I’m yet to be convinced that sitting in freezing cold water for two to three minutes helps me in any way, while the benefits to cryotherapy are obvious. You get accustomed to ice baths if you have one every day but it still doesn’t mean I like them.
TRP verdict: Time to chill inside Room 101.

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