Room 101: Sam Harrison – Leicester scrum-half

1. Sports Personality of the Year
By this, I’m specifically referring to Andy Murray winning it for a third time when, quite clearly, he hasn’t got a personality. For me, the title is misleading and the programme irrelevant. I watched it this year and it was all about Great Britain showing off how good we are at sport. It came across as quite smug if I’m being honest.
TRP verdict: Oh, I say, that’s a hell of a verbal volley. Unfortunately for you, we think there’s more to Mr Murray than meets the eye.
2. Vegans
I’ve nothing against people opting for a plant-based diet on food preferences alone, but veganism tends to attract a certain ‘type’ of person – the right-on, trendy brigade who make their lifestyle choices based on how it makes them look rather than any hard and fast principles, in this case, on animal welfare.
TRP verdict: No need to cry over spilt milk, we’re prepared to ‘meat’ you in the middle and let you have this one.
3. Selfies
Selfies not autographs are all the rage now after games. You get the impression that the kids just want a post-match picture (I refuse to call them selfies) with any player, regardless of whether they know who they are, just so they can say how many they have got. If I’m allowed to be greedy, I’d also like to put snapchat filters in there, too. Girls think that putting dog ears on a profile picture makes them look cute. I’d rather just know what they look like in reality.
TRP verdict: You’re supposed to strike a pose not go on strike.

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