Room 101: Tim Visser – Harlequins wing

1. Bad drivers
Some people don’t seem to understand the whole point of roundabouts. They think they have the right to switch from one lane to another without indicating. Also, people who drive slowly annoy me, especially those that get in the outside lane and just sit there. James Horwill’s driving is quite a sight. He sits bolt upright in his Golf and is quite slow.
TRP verdict: So, you’re a speedster in every sense, eh? Time to motor on into Room 101.
2. Loud people on planes
I hate being on a flight with noisy people. Screaming hen dos are probably the worst although EasyJet flight personnel come a close second. They seem to be really poorly trained. I was sitting at the back of the plane once and I could hear the stewards talking about how much they were getting paid and about their holidays and god knows what else. As a bonus, can I throw in the Ryanair music when you land? It’s like they’ve hit the jackpot by getting you there safely. Surely, they’re just doing their job! People that clap the pilot when you touch down safely can go in there too … for the same reason. Fortunately, when I go back and forth to Holland I normally fly either BA or KLM, which are both excellent.
TRP verdict: We’ll do anything for a quiet life too, so get yourself into Room 101. We can’t have a flying Dutchman with a frown on board.
3. Bad seating in restaurants
I have an ongoing back issue, I think its hereditary as everyone in the family seems to have it, so comfortable seating in a restaurant is just as important to me as the menu. When my wife and I are on holiday the type of seating inside is the first thing I’ll look at. I hate the stools you get in arty-farty coffee shops or those benches without back rests that you get in some trendy places. My back normally goes within ten minutes if I have to sit in seats like that.
TRP verdict: We can see how this has got your back up. Take a pew (oops sorry, we meant a comfortable armchair) in Room 101.

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