Room 101: Arthur Ellis – Ealing Trailfinders flanker

1. Arsene Wenger
Wenger’s departure from the club is long overdue; he is just ruining his own legacy by staying on. As a lifelong Arsenal fan, I have had enough. Transfer deadline day and the Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain farces were the final straws for me. While Arsenal fans were once split 50:50, I think the overwhelming majority feel the same way as me now and want him out.
TRP verdict: Your wish may come sooner than you think. Given recent events, he is surely going to be a goner not a Gooner.
2. Blameless players
It is impossible for any player, no matter how good, to go through a whole 80 minutes without making a mistake. However, some players seem to think they are entirely blameless for anything that may go wrong, waving their arms up in the air and berating a team-mate if a pass goes to ground. I’m happy to hold my hand up and own up to any errors.
TRP verdict: Room 101 is all about trial and error so we’ll give this a sympathetic ear too.
3. Mobile data limits
I get texts all the time saying you’ve used 80% of your data and asking if I’d like to buy more at huge amounts. I reckon that’s one of the biggest scams going. It doesn’t help that there is no wi-fi at the club. In this day and age, there should be no limit to how much data you use.
TRP verdict: Next, you’ll have us in a stream of tears … but you’ve got a valid point

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