Room 101: Ollie Dawe – Bristol prop

1. Second-hand jokes
It annoys me when I tell a funny story or a joke and someone else repeats it shortly afterwards and gets a bigger laugh and takes all the credit. I just end up feeling like a bit of a lemon when that happens. Billy Searle enjoys it though. He always likes to take the mickey.
TRP verdict: That’s a cracker Ollie. You’re in.
2. Cutlery cacophony
The screeching noise that knives make when they touch the plate in the act of cutting up food goes right through me and makes me feel all peculiar. It’s the little things in life, eh?
TRP verdict: For fork’s sake! Haven’t you got enough on your plate without worrying about things like that?
3. Bad driving manners
Generally, bad manners annoy me full-stop, but when you’re in a car they seem even worse, particularly when you wait patiently to let someone through and they refuse to acknowledge your deed with a simple hand gesture, flash of the lights or nod of the head. That lack of common courtesy really grinds my gears.
TRP verdict: It’s nice to know you’re from the sunny side of the road. Keep on smiling and don’t let rude folk bring you down.

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