Room 101: Gareth Steenson – Exeter fly-half

1. Traffic
I’m lucky that I don’t have too far to travel to get to work because I live close to Sandy Park and I only come across traffic jams every now and again, which is a good thing as they’re so annoying. That said, it does gets quite busy around our way when I go to pick up the kids on a Friday afternoon. Getting stuck in traffic on the M5 when we’re heading home from away trips is no fun either. Coming from a rural background in Ireland I’m still adjusting to three-lane motorways.
TRP verdict: Start your engine, you’ve got the green light from us.
2. Mess
I’m not obsessive about cleanliness or anything like that but I like everything to be neat and tidy at home which is nigh on impossible when you’ve got kids. They tear the sofa apart scattering cushions everywhere and leave toys lying around, but I have to grin and bear it until they’ve gone to bed and then I can make the house look like a house again.
TRP verdict: A tidy solution to a messy problem is to put this in Room 101.
3. Lateness
I like to be on time. By that, I mean ten minutes early. We’ve had a big Marines influence over the years at the Chiefs with people like Paddy Anson and Mark Twigg running the strength and conditioning side of things and I think that’s why there’s a strong culture of punctuality at the club. The clocks are all synched so you can never use that as an excuse.
TRP verdict: You get a big hand from us for a time-honoured argument.

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