Room 101: Ciaran Moore – Stourbridge captain

1. Memes and Vines
I’m a final year Law student and every time I try and sit down and do some studying I get distracted by memes and vines. Before you know it, I’ve wasted six hours watching funny cat compilations and looking at pictures taking the mickey out of Donald Trump. Getting rid of memes and vines would make me a far better student.
TRP verdict: It’s all me-me-me with you, isn’t it! After acting as judge and jury, we’ve decided this isn’t going in.
2. Holiday reps
My girlfriend and I went on holiday to Cuba for what I hoped would be a relaxing fortnight sat around the pool. Instead, we were constantly bothered by a sickeningly bronzed local with microphone in hand trying to get us to take part in various activities like salsa dancing. I hate making a show of myself, I’m a bit of a social reclusive in that respect.
TRP verdict: Sorry to hear you’re struggling to perform. It’s a yes.
3. New maul law
In seasons gone by Stourbridge used to average a try a game from the rolling maul. We haven’t had one this season. In fact, I’ve only seen one scored against – by Sedgley Park. The new ball transfer rule has completely stopped the effectiveness of that side of the game because the defending side can now go right through the middle and sack it. It was far easier to score when you could slide to the back of a maul.
TRP verdict: For us, it’s not a case of the maul the merrier so, try as you might, this isn’t going in.

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