Room 101: Richard Hill – Worcester head coach

Richard Hill1. Dog owners
As a keen walker and rambler I come across quite a few dog walkers. It really winds me up when they let their dog off the leash and it comes bounding up to you and then tries to bite you.
Comments like, ‘I am surprised, he’s never done that before’, just add salt to the wound – literally! It gets right up my nose that they think everyone else should like dogs just because they do. Well, I don’t! In fact I’m not really a pet lover at all. The kids had a cat when they were younger and they adored it, so you put up with it for a while. But dogs are way too smelly and take up too much time and consideration.
TRP verdict:  You’re barking up the right tree here – you’re in!
2. Wind turbines
They are blight on the countryside. Yes, I know they are meant to be good for the environment because they are a source of renewable energy, but when I am out walking in somewhere beautiful like Cornwall or the Peak District it really does scar the landscape to see one of these giant things protruding from the ground.
I heard a bloke trying to defend them on the radio  and he was coming up with a right load of ‘BS’. There is absolutely nothing nice about them. I even heard the other day that they are trying to put a few up on the moors in Yorkshire’s Bronte Country. Criminal!
TRP verdict: You’re in again – Let’s wind  up the Greens!
3. Football stadia dressing rooms
I’m not a fan at all. I know Bath has really small dressing rooms but some of the football ones really take the mick. They were designed for 11 tiny footballers not 30 hairy great rugby players.
There is no room to move at all in some of the away changing rooms, especially when you throw in all the kit. I went to have a look around St James’ Park when we were up in the North East for a game against Newcastle and I couldn’t believe the difference between the home and away dressing rooms. The home one was like Twickenham with individual cubicles etc., while the away one was akin to something you’d get in your schooldays: a bench in the middle with a few pegs on the walls. Sale’s Edgeley Park was the worst but thankfully they have moved. Wasps at Loftus Road used to be awful, too, and Saracens is pretty dreadful.
TRP verdict:   You’re out – what’s wrong with getting changed in the car on the way to the coach and staying on the pitch at half-time like the good old days?

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