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Jeff Probyn

Probyn column: Truth about that players World Cup pool in 1991

Jeff Probyn on the monetisation of rugby between the inaugural World Cup and 1995

12th September 2019

Jeff Probyn: Hate to say it, but Worcester are looking doomed already

There is no substitute for playing the game, try as you might and no matter what you do, nothing matches actually playing the game. At the..

20th September 2017

Jeff Probyn: New RFU boss has a big job – save our game!

The news that the RFU have appointed Steve Brown as CEO should bring a sigh of relief from the whole game because, for the first time in an..

15th September 2017

Jeff Probyn: Jones must show courage of convictions this autumn

There is that certain ‘something’ about the last remaining days before a new season that always brings a feeling of anticipation of..

18th August 2017

Jeff Probyn: I’m puzzled why women’s game needs a World Cup

With the women’s World Cup starting this week, hope is the excitement that the tournament will generate could be great for the women’s..

9th August 2017

Jeff Probyn: Replace women’s contracts with individual match fees

As I prepare to write this article, I have a feeling of impending doom as the last time I broached this subject everything I said was taken..

4th August 2017

Jeff Probyn: Baa-baas ‘Test’ would solve the Lions tour conundrum

Sometimes you have to ask why people ask questions when something has already been decided upon and accepted by all. I had a meeting..

27th July 2017

Jeff Probyn: One match to go, and these Lions could end up legends

With the mid-week games over and just one game to go, I am already suffering from Lions fatigue and can’t wait for it all to end. The..

6th July 2017

Jeff Probyn: My Lions dream knocked out by a real McCoy from Jimmy

Twenty-eight years ago I was playing in a Five Nations tournament that was, in effect, a selection trial for the 1989 Lions trip to..

2nd June 2017

Jeff Probyn: Saracens are great but can they keep going?

Congratulations to Sarries on the totally expected win in last week’s Champions Cup final. They have made history and written the name of..

26th May 2017

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