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Room 101: Tom Biggs – Worcester winger

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Tom Biggs1. Roadside litter

It drives me insane when I see McDonalds bags and used coffee cups discarded on the roadside when travelling up and down the motorway. Why do people do this? It is a filthy habit and a real eyesore. C’mon people, it’s not difficult to leave your rubbish in your car and bin it when you get home.

TRP verdict: We totally agree; it is verging on the criminal. You’re in Room 101.

2. People ‘talking’ to cities

I think it’s stupid beyond belief when people post stuff like, ‘Hello London, you look beautiful today’ next to a picture of Big Ben or another familiar landmark or ‘Las Vegas – it’s great to see you!’ when on holiday. I’ve not been on my holidays yet but you can rest assured when I am abroad I won’t be posting anything like that on social media. Bizarrely, plenty of people do though.

TRP verdict: You’re building another good case for a second entry; it’s ‘G’day Room 101’ for a second time.

3. Bad manners

People are quick to point the finger at younger people for having no manners but, in my experience, it is the older generation who either forget or choose not to acknowledge you when you’ve let them have right of way on the road or hold a door open for them. It is almost like they feel they are above all that because of their age. I honk my horn if someone is discourteous to me on the road. I know I probably shouldn’t do it but I think it is important to let people know what they’re doing, or not as the case may be, isn’t acceptable. At the end of the day manners cost nothing.

TRP verdict: There’s no silver lining to anyone showing bad manners, whether they’re grey or not. Well done on the hat-trick.  


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