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Room 101: Matt Banahan – Bath wing

Matt Banahan1. Inconsiderate drivers

People who tail-gate learner drives – or whizz past them and then smack the brakes on to make a point – seem to forget that they once had L plates on the back of their car. So what if they’re going a bit slow? They’re not endangering anyone. I’m very laidback in all forms of life including when I’m behind the wheel, but Leroy Houston gets to be Mr Angry if you laugh at his driving too much. He has this tendency to indicate when you’re going round a corner, which always has me in stitches.

TRP verdict: It would be rude not to let you in Room 101.

2. Injury & Illness

As a rugby player you always want to be out on the pitch doing what you’re paid to do so injuries and illnesses are hard to stomach. Last year I had a really bad concussion with no recollection of what had happened at all; it’s the worst injury I’ve ever had. With a broken bone or torn muscle at least you know where you stand in terms of healing time. I’m seeing the other side of it now, too. My wife snapped her ACL playing tag rugby in the summer so for nine weeks, while she wasn’t able to bear any weight on her leg, I’ve had to take on the lion’s share of domestic duties and look after our two children. It’s made me realise how hard it is for people to go about their day-to-day business when they’ve suffered an injury like this but don’t necessarily have the benefit of specialist medical treatment that we rugby professionals are fortunate to have at our disposal.

TRP verdict: Need my head checking if I didn’t make it 2 out of 2.

3. Bad Weather

As a winger I’d much rather have weather that’s conducive to catching a ball than catching hypothermia! You only have to look at how many tries are scored towards the start and the end of the season compared to the depths of winter to see that the conditions play a huge part in the entertainment stakes. Also, I love my golf – but not in bad weather. Wind is my enemy. I hate the fact that sometimes a drive will only go 200 yards when the pros can smash it 350 no matter what.

TRP verdict: Talk about being tee-d off. Happy now you’ve got your hat-trick?

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