Two-year ban for National League One player

Sedgley Park prop Jack Warrington has been suspended for two years for an Anti Doping violation by the Rugby Football Union.
The player tested positive for Methylhexaneamine (MHA), a prohibited stimulant, after the Tigers took on the Loughborough Students back in November last year.
Antony Davies, sitting as a Single Judicial Officer, suspended him from November 23, 2012 (the date of the original temporary suspension) until November 23, 2014. He is free to play again the following day.
This is the second National League player found guilty of doping after Henley fly-half James Comben was banned for six months in April.
Mr Davies said: “Having heard from the player about his personal circumstances and the level at which he plays, it is not difficult to conclude that he may well not be a player who deliberately uses performance enhancing substances.
“I note his protestations of innocence and disavowal of motive. However they are not sufficient to discharge the burden of proof in this case and I simply cannot be satisfied as to how MHA came to be in the player’s system. When a player tests positive, the burden of proof passes to him.
“This must be a wake-up call to players, whether professional or amateur, particularly with regard to the use of supplements.”

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