Rugby Stars and their Love for Casino Games

There are people who love rugby, and there are people who love poker, too. There are people who love both which is no surprise, considering that they’re fun and exciting. Some rugby players are huge fans of poker games such as Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha hi-lo, to name only a few. Again, there is nothing surprising about this fact, because playing poker is a nice way to keep one’s mind sharp and keep the competitive spirit alive and going. So, here are some of the players that enjoy playing poker and other casino games.

Mike Tindall

This powerhouse played for England from 2000 to 2011 which is a considerable time period. He’s also known for marrying into British royalty: his wife is no other than Zara Philips, the daughter of Princess Anne. After retiring, he went on to spend more time with his family, and play more poker for celebrity tournament series, even winning $5000 at one point.

Shane Williams

Wales is known for rugby and Shane Williams is one of Welsh finest rugby players. He even ranks fourth in the list of rugby try-scorers. But when he’s not playing, he enjoys spending time at a poker table, even participating in the Grand Prix Poker Tour in Cardiff. He started playing Texas Hold ‘em while being signed to Neath rugby club, together with his teammates. However, he maintains his humble attitude, as he once said that he’s been in many casinos around the world, but, by all means, he doesn’t consider himself an expert.

Dylan Hartley

Dylan Hartley is a good friend of Mike Tindall, who also introduced him to poker. They played together and against each other at multiple competitions, and nowadays, Dylan can be found playing regularly both live and online. If you too, like Dylan, want to try your hand at playing poker and other online casino games, feel free to visit this site in order to learn more and find the best games for yourself. Also, keep in mind that playing poker is always better with someone by your side, so feel free to find an experienced friend to show you the ropes. It obviously worked for Dylan Hartley, so you should also give it a try.

Sébastien Chabal

Everyone knows that France is known for its exceptional football players, but rugby followers know that this country also has brilliant rugby players as well. Sebastien Chabal played for multiple teams throughout his career, however, his biggest feat is playing for the French national team. Still, even though this professional also enjoys playing poker mostly at live events, he can also be seen attending online games and tournaments. Sebastien is so successful at poker that he’s been declared ambassador for the online poker room PokerStars.

David Susigan

David Susigan may not be the most extraordinary rugby player on this list, but he’s definitely most experienced in poker. He played for French teams, but due to injuries, he was forced to retire early which also prompted him to take on poker more seriously. Since then, he has earned more than $300.000,00 in various competitions, both live and online. So, it’s safe to say that he brushed up his poker skills to a professional level.


These rugby players, both current and former have all found other ways to use their competitive skills and stay in the game. Poker is a great discipline that teaches patience, develops thinking skills, and improves focus, so it makes sense why these athletes decided to play it more seriously.

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