Most common lacrosse drills

Lacrosse is considered to be the first sport originated in America. A game that has something similar to football, basketball and hockey is becoming popular again. However, for those, who lack quickness and speed, this game might be a hard nut to crack. But as the saying says – practice makes your perfect. So what kind of drills could one practice either to maintain an athletic form or improve it? Let’s find out!

Make your weak hand stronger. For this drill you will need a wall that doesn’t windows, lamps or have anything you could break while training. When you find a place like this, throw the ball against the wall and do a roll dodge changing hands. This drill should be repeated as often as possible. And when your weak hand becomes as strong as the strong one, you will inevitably see positive results in your game. But to achieve the result, you need to invest your time and effort.

A low pass and a quick scoop. The goal of this exercise is also to strengthen the weak arm as well as improve the reaction. You should throw a low pass to the wall and after that – to do a quick scoop. This exercise should be repeated with both hands. If you can’t find the right wall for that, a lacrosse rebounder can be a great way out. Most importantly, you can use it both outdoors and indoors. As it is made from a convenient high-quality steel frame and has reliable mesh, you do not have to worry it to break. That is why it is called to be a perfect tool for practicing either alone or in group.

Precise accuracy. In order to gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities in the game, you need to cultivate accuracy. How to do it? First of all, if you have the opportunity, make a target on the wall. It is enough to just stick a sticky note or sticker. Then keep shooting and try to pick the point you want marked on the wall. Accuracy is very important if you want to become unbeatable in this game. If you use lacrosse rebounder for your training, it usually has a target strip that you may customize according to your needs: to change the shape and size of it.

Running. Lacrosse is also a game that requires speed. Therefore, you can develop speed and speed on your own, so that you can achieve the best possible results by playing in a team. For this, a fast run in short sections near the border is best. As you run, throw a ball at it and try to catch it. This way you will develop your reaction, coordination and endurance. However, this drill may not always be easy to do because it can be difficult to find the right length wall for it. In this case, it is possible to simplify the exercise and run short distances with frequent throws of the ball.

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