5 Helpful Ways to Make You a Better Runner

In 2017, about 60 million Americans participated in jogging and trail running, with the aim of improving fitness and relieve stress, according to figures released by Statista. In fact, running is one of the most popular forms of exercise worldwide. However, it is crucial to protect yourself against injury to make the most of each session. One good way is to use a high-quality knee brace for running. The best knee support improves posture and enhances running efficiency, according to experts at Aidfull. The joints get extra support, which also prevents minor wear and tear. Besides using effective knee support braces, here are a few helpful ways to transform into a faster and professional runner.

1.     Prepare Your Body

To stave off dehydration mid-session, consider drinking at least 14-16 ounces of water beforehand. This can prevent your system from drying out and impacting your performance. Besides this, consider a sturdy hinged knee brace, since it is a lower-body related activity. Knee support braces are known to spread the propulsion equally and help you run comfortably.

2.     Controlled Breathing

The inhale and exhale rhythm must be aligned with the movements of the body. Otherwise, shortness of breath can keep you from running long distances at a stretch. Practice nasal, deep yogic and Buteyko breathing, along with different breathing exercises like rib-stretch, numbered and equal breathing while running, according to an article on Healthline. Also, wear a knee brace for patellar tendonitis, run slow in the beginning and then pick up the pace for a relaxed experience.

3.     Improve your Posture

The key to running well is maintaining a good posture. Knee braces for runner’s knee can keep you erect throughout to help with a neutral pelvis. This way, the runner remains protected against leaning forward and exerting additional pressure on the knees. Pick an athletic knee stability brace that promises to support and maintain the right posture.

4.     Strengthen Your Gluteal Muscles

To offer the much-required power and stability to your hips, pelvis and trunk, work on this group of muscles. Besides wearing patella stabilizer knee braces, gluteal muscle strength can prevent injuries to a great extent. Squats, hip flexor stretches, single leg glute bridges and pigeon stretches can fix the weak areas and prevent complications in the calves and lower legs. Even while practicing these techniques, consider supporting yourself with football & basketball knee braces to prevent muscle cramps.

5.     Essential Warmups

If you wish to stay injury-free, consider high knees to heel kicks, plank variations with knee drives, pendulum lungs with balance and side blends and hip rotations, according to an article by SELF. These will aid in preparing you well before you start a running session. Make sure to wear comfortable copper fit knee sleeves to facilitate smooth movements throughout.

Regardless of warmups, exercises or a solid running session, knee compression sleeves & strap braces are a must. In fact, any kind of protective and supportive gear is crucial to help you become a better athlete. Make sure to get custom braces for the best experience.

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