Why is betting so rooted in the English culture?

Betting is widespread in Great Britain, but have you ever dug deep, trying to understand the reason behind this all-Anglo-Saxon monopoly? Well, the reason is incredibly simple: England is home to almost all the most followed and loved sports in the world. Not only that, even the sports that have less followers all around world, in England find their space and their importance.

Betting is a direct consequence. Having so many sports to watch or practice means only one thing: having as many sports to bet on and play more and more. The fine art of forecasting and bookmaking was born in UK, especially addressed to horse races, still very important in the whole British scenario.

In this short article we will point the main reasons why betting is so rooted in the English culture, not only talking about sports.

In UK you can easily bet on everything

The variety of sectors on which it is possible to place a bet is a determining factor in the world of betting. It is even possible to bet on Queen’s clothing at a certain time or particular event. It is not surprising that some of the most important bookmakers in Europe and in the world are British.

Some of the bets are all-time classics, others are just incredible. For example, it has caused a sensation that some bookmakers have allowed to bet on the under or over on the internal temperature of a stadium.

A great variety of sports

In England the variety of sports that any fan could follow is truly endless. If we refer only to football, it is possible to bet on almost all Premier League, Championship, Ligue One, Ligue Two matches up to the fifth English category. Something unthinkable for the other European countries which, usually, allow you to reach the fourth category and only for a few big matches. In England, then, the presence of the FA Cup means that every team, even of lower rank, can aim to obtain interesting results against other clubs in the highest category.

Think, then, of rugby. The British rugby national teams (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) are some of the most successful teams in the world, both in the World Cup and the Six Nations league. The English rugby Premiership, is one of the most important competitions at European and world level. All the players of the top European clubs aspire to wear the shirts of these teams. Just think that in the most of the European countries, for example in Italy, it is possible to place more bets regarding the UK matches and French ones than on Italian clubs and leagues.

Last but not least is Formula 1. The Silverstone GP, McLaren and the protégé of Lewis Hamilton have made the sport grow dramatically even within British borders. It is for this reason, then, that in England the bets on Formula 1 are among the highest in Europe.

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