Important Features Every Online Casino Should Offer

Playing your favourite casino games has become even easier thanks to online casinos. Here you can play blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette or slots from your home or when out and about on your mobile device. Online casinos have taken the industry by storm, with many joining the market each day. With online gaming a lucrative business for many, it is wise to know what to look for when choosing the best place to play, so you can avoid unscrupulous operators. Here are some important features to look out for:


One of the major factors when searching for the best online casino is security. The best UK casinos will keep personal information secure and ensure that money deposited on an account cannot be stolen and winnings can be withdrawn. Look for SSL certification and professional encryption technologies on the casino website to be sure you are signing up to of the best, most reliable online casinos.


The online casino business is overseen by different legislation around the world, with the UK offering some of the best for protecting players. In countries where gambling is legal, all companies should be practising with a valid gambling license. The license offers protection for the money you have won from gambling, with a code of conduct that ensures that winnings will be paid out, something that unlicensed sites may refuse to do. You can find the regulatory body and any other accreditations held at the base of the casino’s website.


Some online casinos start well, being both regulated and secure. However, reputations can change over time and are worth checking.  From issues with the gameplay or poor customer service, you want to avoid sites that do not offer a good experience. Check casino reviews and ratings from reputable casino review sites offering honest descriptions of what to expect from those who have played there.

Versatile Payment Options

If you want to pay by cash or debit card, nearly all online casinos can accommodate that. However, you may want to make use of the secure and anonymous cryptocurrencies or mobile wallets, so you need to check if the online casino you are interested in offers a range of payment options to suit your needs. You can find casinos that are built to only accept cryptocurrencies.

New member bonuses

Many online casinos are very similar in what they offer.  The main difference is usually in the sign-up bonuses that each offer. Compare the welcome bonus schemes to find one that suits you.  The most popular is a no-deposit bonus, whilst other casinos offer a percentage of deposit bonus for a first-time bet, which means the risks of play are much lower than they would be at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Withdrawal Time

At a land-based casino, you get your winnings on the night, and you should expect to withdraw your winnings online to be swift too.  It is usual to wait a couple of days for winnings if a card payment is to be made, but other payment methods like PayPal can be almost instant.  Check the reputation of the casino for instant withdrawal or same-day withdrawals.

Compatibility with different operating system and devices

Make sure you can access your favourite site across all the operating systems and devices you want to use.  Most casinos use technology that supports several operating systems with the best experience possible, being free of glitches and easy to use.


Check the casino offers the games you want to play. Most reputable online casinos offer a broad range of games that will keep most people happy. Check for rule variations for games so that you know that you are signing up and playing a game you fully understand.  You may already have a favourite slot. This will increase your chances of joining a loyalty programme where you have the chance of making good money. Also, you can accumulate more bonus points by playing different games on the same website, which will benefit your bankroll.  


Before you start, check the minimum and maximum bets set by any online casino as some are designed specifically for high-rollers or for lower-stake players.

Customer Service

Whilst reputable online casinos want to offer the best experience, if something goes wrong, like a game crashing or an issue with a withdrawal of winnings, you want a site that prioritises customer service. These sites will not only have a FAQ section about updated rules of a particular game or which deals with points won but will also offer access to round-the-clock support staff by phone, email or chatbox for more specific enquiries.

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