Bristol Bears lock Joe Batley

Room 101: Bristol Bears second row Joe Batley

Bristol Bears second row Joe Batley picks three of his biggest pet hates he deems worthy of entering Room 101.

1. Boys that skip rounds

This is the person who subtly drops to the back of a queue when you go into a coffee shop or a bar, or they do the classic taxi thing where they offer to buy you a drink later if you pick up the fare, and never do. Jake Woolmore and Ed Holmes are notorious for it, big time.

TRP verdict: Nothing tight about this verdict – it’s a comprehensive yes from us.

2. Snoring

In the rugby environment you quickly get to know who the terrible snorers are – the ones to avoid when rooms are allocated on away trips. George Smith is a great bloke, but he is hideously loud, and you only have to look at the snout on Jack Lam to realise he falls into the same category.

The worst offender though is a guy called Jack Cosgrove, a former team-mate and housemate of mine. You can almost see the walls shake!

TRP verdict: Yawn, you’ll have to come up with something more original.

Culinary hubris: Joe Batley says Bristol teammate Dan Thomas has been overdoing it with his fajitas

3. Dan Thomas’ fajitas

I’ve lived with Dan for about six years and he’s my best mate, but he does know how to grind my gears. Among the many irritants are his cookery skills, or lack of them.

Now he’s worked out how to do a fajita, he does them to death. We must have them two or three times a week. Enough is enough! He does make me laugh, though, so I’ll forgive him.

TRP verdict: Time to give his fajitas the Mexican wave.


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