Chris Campbell

Room 101: Hinckley head coach Chris Campbell

1. £1 Shopping Trollies

Doing the food shop with two young kids is hard work at the best of times, so when you’ve done the 15-minute drive to get there, and you haven’t got a £1 coin for the trolley, you start to wonder why you bothered coming out in the first place. Now that fewer and fewer people are carrying cash, there must be so many better ways that the supermarkets can stop trollies getting taken away from the shops. Surely this is something we don’t need any more.

TRP verdict: If we had a pound for every time we’ve heard such excuses… however, it’s a good one and it’s going in.

2. Tight-five forwards wearing moulds

Hinckley’s set piece has always been a fundamental part of our game, and to be successful I strongly believe in a well-functioning scrum. So when I see a front row player come to a game in the middle of winter with the smallest set of moulds I have ever seen, it drives me crazy. More and more, we have players who are able to play a variety of different ways and it is great to see skill sets increasing but the first job of the tight five is to secure set piece ball and they need to come with the tools to help them do that.

TRP verdict: This is gaining traction unlike the boots – with us, too.

3. Using different coloured cones

As a coaching team we try and use as few cones as possible, but when I see a pitch marked out in a number of different colours, it instantly stresses me out. It looks untidy and makes us look unorganised and that can reflect onto the players’ attitudes. How hard is it to spend two minutes grouping the cones together in colour sets before they are set out on the field?!

TRP verdict: You should be red-faced getting worked up about this!

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