Room 101: Northampton Saints flanker Lewis Ludlam

1. Poor table manners

It really gets to me when I’m sat down for a meal and someone eats with their mouth open or tries to talk while there is still food in their mouth. Other stuff like people getting up to leave the table before everyone has finished or pouring themselves a glass of water without offering to do that for anyone else, gets under my skin too.

TRP verdict: This Room 101 lark is clearly bread and butter to you, you’re off to a flying start.

2. Spaghetti Bolognese

I think this is more a phobia than a pet hate, because I can’t stand being around the stuff let alone eat it! I get goose-bumps if I see spaghetti bolognese. Maybe it’s because of the redness and the fact it looks like a load of worms on a plate. They used to serve it up after matches at Saints, so I’d end up going hungry.

TRP verdict: Don’t mince your words, will you! Sorry, you’re out of luck this time.

Lewis Ludlam

3. Toppers

People who talk about themselves and always feel the need to better your story with one of their own, really wind me up. Rhys Marshall is a class case in point, he has got a story for everything and half of them are untrue.

TRP verdict: Clearly he needs protecting from himself under Marshall Law. That’s 2 out of 3.

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