CVC to meet this week to evaluate PRO14 investment plans

The future financial stability of the PRO14 and the four Welsh regions will be on the line this week when the investment committee of the private equity company, CVC, meets to re-evaluate the risk of buying a 27 per cent stake in the competition.

While it is understood the Luxembourg-based CVC Capital Partners have agreed in principle a £120m stake in the five-nation tournament, the deal has yet to be done and the coronavirus crisis, as well as their return on investment in Premiership Rugby in England, could lead to second thoughts.

The four Welsh regions are banking on their £40m share of the proposed deal helping them to balance their books and to let them become more competitive on the field.

Without the investment, and given the economic meltdown currently taking place in all professional sports, there could be serious repercussions.

The same will go for the PRO14 tournament as a whole. They could face crippling claw backs from sponsors and TV partners if they cannot finish the current season and, given the clamour to play international matches ahead of anything else when rugby eventually returns, the shape of next season remains up in the air.


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