Room 101: Gloucester centre/wing Ollie Thorley

Barriers to Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fusion is one of the most promising options for generating large amounts of carbon-free energy in the future without the disadvantages of nuclear waste and the risk of meltdowns. Apparently, one kilogramme of fusion fuel can provide the same amount of energy as ten million kilogrammes of fossil fuel. There are complexities to the process, however, and the amount of energy required to fuse the atoms is more than is ultimately produced. Hopefully someone can invest in the technology and find a way around that.
TRP verdict: You’ve blown my mind let alone an atom with this one. How can we not let this go through?
Donald Trump
The reasons for putting him in Room 101 are countless but the main one is that he is just so ill-qualified to be the world’s most powerful man. He views the world in an abhorrently bigoted way and then tries to pass off anyone who questions his rhetoric as ‘fake news’ reporters.
TRP verdict: A big hand (unlike his) to you for this choice. President Trump, you’re fired!
I suffer from quite bad allergies and as soon as I enter a room with a cat in it, or one that has recently had a cat in it, my eyes start to swell up and I sneeze a lot. I can see the aesthetic beauty of cats, especially larger ones, but I still think dogs are better in most ways. I think it stems from an experience I had as a six-year-old when a cat clawed my arm.
TRP verdict: Hope you’re feline better now that you’ve got three out of three, Ollie.

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