Wasps statement after Connacht blunder

Wasps have issued the following response to EPCR’s statement yesterday, which clarified that a mistake was made by match officials in Wasps’ game against Connacht on Saturday, when Connacht were allowed to take a lineout after time had elapsed, that resulted in the winning try.
It read: “Wasps’ pitchside officials immediately stressed to the 4th official that Connacht could not take the lineout, as the referee had indicated time had gone beyond 80 minutes. Wasps’ players on the pitch also emphasised to the referee that time was up. Despite several protests, the lineout was still allowed to be taken.
“We all understand referees are only human and mistakes do occasionally happen. However, for a referee and 4th official to get the laws of the game wrong at a crucial stage of a big match is hugely disappointing. The error made could have serious repercussions in terms of Wasps’ qualification hopes or the prospect of securing a home quarter final.
“EPCR have stated that the result stands. We congratulate Connacht after a hard fought contest and we will now move on to the final rounds, after tough Premiership games against Bath, Newcastle and Leicester Tigers.”

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