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Rugby betting tips

Rugby is a very popular sport despite the fact that it’s not commercialized as football, basketball or hockey. In fact, many people enjoy this sport for this reason. Thanks to the Internet, rugby matches are now available to millions of people around the world. Many of them are interested in placing bets on rugby matches especially in the famous rugby league. The good news is that many bookmakers, both traditional and online, are offering a wide range of markets on many different rugby competitions. But, if you want to be successful in this field, you have to take some rugby betting tips into consideration.

An introduction to rugby betting tips

The first thing that prospective bettors should know is that the Super League is by far the most popular league in this sport and includes 12 teams (11 from England and 1 from France). The teams play many games before they go to the playoffs where the Grand Final awaits. Of course, this league is not as popular as the English Premier League in football, but it still has thousands of fans and the matches are quite exciting too.

Most of the bookies are providing players an opportunity to bet on matches, first try scorer and winning margins. They also have under/over points bets. If you are placing bets online you will also have a chance to enjoy live betting too. However, the most popular form of betting is handicap betting. Now that you are familiar with the betting process, let’s share some precise rugby betting tips.

Use handicap betting to your advantage

The fact is that there are many rugby matches where one of the teams is an absolute favorite. Some of these have seven points advantage which you should probably use from time to time. There are more goals conceded in rugby compared to football. This is the main reason why handicap betting is so popular among rugby bettors. Instead of selecting outright winners where the odds are very low, you should opt for handicap wins.

Make sure that you understand the rules

Keep in mind that not every rugby competition has the same rules. For instance, some competitions have bonus points for scoring a certain number of tries which leads to games with more goals. Obviously, these changes have an impact on your betting decision especially if you are betting on winning margins and handicap betting.

Check the form of teams

Similar to other sports betting ventures, you should never bet on rugby in case you are not familiar with the form of teams. So, you have to do some research before placing a bet. Our advice is to check the past 5 matches of each team. In addition, you should check the history between the two teams. Namely, there are many matches that have become true rivalries. This means that regardless of their current form, some teams can give their best and play to the maximum when they meet each other. We are talking about derby matches where anything is possible. Experienced players know that records are not the only factor that contributes to the final score of matches, but they are a good indicator.

Check the styles of play

Almost every rugby team has a specific style of play. When two teams that stick to specific styles of play meet, you can predict the outcome in an easier way. If both teams are in favor of attacking style of play, then you can rest assured that there will be many tries. This is also a great situation for those who prefer to place bets on a penalty in the first scoring play.

Take advantage of first try scorers

This is another very popular type of bet in rugby. In case you didn’t know, wingers are the team members that are scoring most of the tries. There are many statistics and reports that can back this claim. The good thing is that there are some really decent odds for bets like this and in our opinion, you should use this chance to make a profit from time to time.

Bet smart

Finally, you should remember that you must bet smart. This means that you should never be led by emotions and you should never use money that you can’t afford to lose when betting on rugby or any other sport.

We really hope that these simple, yet effective rugby betting tips will help you.

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