Five reasons why the Rugby Super League is worth betting on

While betting has seeped into almost every sport such as football and horse racing, rugby is still considered to be relatively clean. If you are a fan of watching rugby and are new to the betting world, this is the perfect place to start. You’ll be able to find numerous profitable markets to bet on, just as you would with any other sport. For example, if you take a look at any popular betting site (I am using the BetVictor Rugby Betting page for my data) you will see that there’s matched betting and handicaps available on all current and upcoming games. The Rugby Super League shouldn’t be ignored by any punters who are interested in taking a new route in the world of betting.

Before we get into the details about why the Rugby Super League is worth betting on, let’s understand what it is all about.

The Rugby Super League, also known as Betfred Super League consists of 12 professional rugby league clubs that compete against each other. The top-flight competition has eleven teams from England and one team from France. Other league clubs from Canada and Wales are also eligible to play in the Betfred Super League if they compete in the Rugby Football League. The Betfred Super League is also known as European Super League (ESL) internationally.

The super league dates back to 1996 when it replaced the Rugby Football League (RFL) as the Championship. The 12 teams in the Super League play 23 games each to qualify for the Super 8 stage. Every team has to play 11 home and 11 away games. The remaining one game is played at a neutral venue – also known as the Magic Weekend Game. This format decides the top eight teams who once again compete against each other to enter the playoffs. The winners of the playoffs play in the grand final.

In the Super League, Leeds Rhinos are the most successful club as they have won the seven times. In contrast, Wigan Warriors are the most successful club since the inception of the top-flight rugby league competition. The Warriors have won 21 British Championships, including last season’s win over Warrington Wolves at Old Trafford.

In recent years, the Rugby Super League has gained immense traction among bookmakers. It has quickly become a popular choice for people who love sports betting.

Here, we have prepared a handy guide for you to understand the basics before you start placing any bets on rugby. This article primarily focuses on the different betting markets along with the factors you need to take into consideration before placing any bets. It needs to be noted that this guide is for all of those who are relatively new to the world of rugby betting.

Here are five reasons why the Super League is worth betting on:


The Super League has it all; drama, fights and excitement. Being the only sport which has 13 players on one team, it is very demanding for players and thus the games can get pretty intense. If you want a sport and tournament that will bring you more thrill when both watching and placing your bets, the Rugby Super League is the place to be.

The best domestic competition

Rugby is a global sport and fans have been enjoying it for many years now. Divided into two types; the League and Union, Rugby has a lot to offer to fans, bookies and general members of the public who are wanting to bet on the sport. The Rugby Super League is the top flight league competition where twelve clubs (11 from England and one from France) go head to head for the title. If you want to see the best clubs across the country go head to head, get involved in the Super League. This is a chance for teams to really showcase their talent to the world.

In-Play Betting Experience

Just like any other sport, you can also get in-play betting in the Rugby Super League. As there are more rules and regulations than football, in-play rugby betting has become very popular amongst punters in the past few years.

We all know that the entire course of the game can change in just a split second. What’s most thrilling is that one single player can change the fate of the game. There are argubaly more game changing events in the Rugby Super League than any other competition. It’s down to you to determine which way the game will go, and you can do this by betting as the game is in play.

However, if you are looking to place in-play rugby bets, you need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge on both teams. This is not a sport where you can get away with making random bets. As previously mentioned, rugby can be unpredictable and thus to boost your chances of success, do your homework.

The Probability of a Different Winner is Higher

Every single sport comes with its fair share of disappointments. From a simply friendly to the biggest tournament there is, each sport can quickly take a turn for the worst and the team/individual we thought would come out on top can miss out on the victory. For example, Germany outplayed and outclassed their Brazilian hosts by winning 7-1 in the last FIFA World Cup. This upset many fans as the tournament favourites were knocked out.

Although other sports are always likely to take an unpredictable turn, fans experience a lot more twists and turns in Rugby Super League and predicting who will be the outright winner is always going to be tough. Some may see this as a bigger risk when it comes to placing your bets, but there’s no denying that it makes the competition a lot more exciting. If every punter was able to predict the winner beforehand, where would the thrill be? The odds would be less appealing and you’d be earning less money.

If you decide to start betting on the Rugby Super League, you’re guaranteed to get good odds and enthralling games.

So, if all of the above sounds appealing to you, start doing some research on the league. Get to know the teams and their playing history ready for when the next tournament commences.

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