Claire Allan - England

Dream Team: Former England Women’s 7s and XVs star Claire Allan

1. Leslie Cripps (Canada)

Highly respected by teammates and opposition having represented her country for over a decade in 2002, 2006 and 2010 World Cups. A loyal and thoughtful player who I assume, as an outside back myself, was a great scrummager!

2. Gaelle Mignot (France)

Unbelievably passionate and proud. A great leader, never shy to roll her sleeves up and get stuck in, punching well above her weight.

3. Laura Keates (England)

First of the new age props; mobile, skilful and can execute a two-versus-one better than most backs. She also pulls a scrum hat off surprisingly well!

4. Safi N’Diaye (France)

Fierce ball carrier, always a dominant force for the French momentum… and a baller for the second row, what more could you want?

5. Claire Green (England)

Had an engine comparable to a marathon runner, could always count on her to make the corner flag try-saving tackles. At the forefront of any team banter.

6. Georgia Stevens (England)

One word…sensational! Never grabbed the glory or headline, just put her head down and fought for every inch. I’d back her to still start in any international team.

7. Margorie Mayans (France)

Playing France isn’t the same until you’ve broken a couple of ribs being tackled by Mayans. One of the best and most fearless defenders in the game.

8. Casey Robertson (New Zealand)

Has been running over international No.10s her whole career. Chopsey and confident like any No.8 should be, would make a great bouncer!

9. Amy Turner (England)

Arguably the best skill set the women’s game has ever seen. Can rocket a 30m pass and offload like a Fijian. She’s also the life and soul of any after match party with her Missy Elliot dance moves.

10. Alice Richardson-Watmore (England)

Vision and game-management like no other and makes everything look effortless. Selfless decision-maker who never cracks under pressure.

Carla Hohepa
Black Fern: Carla Hohepa tackles England’s Emily Scott during the recent Women’s Super Series in San Diego. Getty Images

11. Carla Hohepa (New Zealand)

Put the fear of god into every back in the 2010 World Cup. Diverse in her ability to play across the backline, great pace with her long-range finishes.

12. Christelle Le Deuff (France)

Epitomises  French flair, unconventional in her approach but has made a mockery of many international 7s and 15s opposition. Always good to share a beer with after a game.

13. Emily Scarratt (England)

Golden girl who has it all. Line breaks, perfectly timed passes and one hell of a boot. Above all, she is grounded and humble.

14. Lydia Thompson (England)

Impossible to defend as she can change direction without breaking stride or losing momentum. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met – every team needs a Lydia!

15. Kelly Brazier (New Zealand)

THAT step! Even when you know it’s coming you can’t defend it. She has been at the forefront of New Zealand’s success (7s and 15s) over the last decade.

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