Ben Ransom

Room 101: Blackheath full-back Ben Ransom

Blackheath and former Saracens full-back Ben Ransom picks three pet hates offered up to Room 101.

1. 24th man

This is a pet hate but also something I have learnt to enjoy. You have trained hard all week but not been selected and are looking forward to a couple of days off – only to find out you have been selected for an away game against Newcastle as 24th man on a Sunday. Every player wants to be selected to play rather than carry water and so it is always a difficult job to do. However, through my career I enjoyed it more and more as you were still integral to the team during warm-up and motivating your mates and it is always fun to be part of a winning changing room. That’s why we play – for the enjoyment of playing a great sport with great mates.

TRP verdict: It’s enough to make our eyes water. A good shout but it’s not going in.

2. Winter rugby

Please find me one back-three player who likes playing in the depths of winter. With the cold, the rain and an awful pitch, it would be tough to find one! Home games are somewhat more bearable as one can get safely to the warmth of their own home without too much hassle, but away games at places such as Gloucester and Exeter, during my Premiership days at Sarries, and now away games at Cinderford and Plymouth for Blackheath leave little to be desired for us back-three players who like to run fast and keep our kit clean. Those games are certainly for the rugby purist! Added to this is the possibility of playing a Christmas or New Year game. Thankfully the RFU have seen sense for National League games but spare a thought when you are next tucking into a turkey with some mulled wine that the Premiership and Championship players are likely to have a game the next day!

TRP verdict: Sorry, it gets a frosty reception from us. Rugby should be played through all seasons.

3. Bad manners

Nothing annoys me more than holding a door open, waiting at the bottom of the stairs, or waiting in line at a restaurant, and have someone just walk past without any acknowledgement or thank you. I am clearly not waiting for the fun of it. “Manners Maketh Man”!

TRP verdict: We’ll happily let this one pass by without even a thank you.

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