Room 101: BT Sport rugby presenter Tim Cocker

BT Sport presenter Tim Cocker takes us through his biggest pet hates within society.

1. Oversharing Online

After a couple of months of lockdown during the Jogging Pandemic of 2020, I think we’re now ready to update the classic philosophical question “if a tree falls in a forest and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” It can now be made more contemporary and be replaced with “if I clap for the NHS or go for a jog but don’t post a video or screenshot on social media, did it really happen?”

TRP verdict: Jog on to Room 101, Tim

2. Happy Birthday at Work

It’s the highlight of your year as a child, and sweet when your kids do it for you. But there’s little more awkward than being sung happy birthday by work colleagues? Where do you look? Does the smile I’m painting on look genuine enough? Why don’t I recognise half these people… have they just arrived from downstairs for a slice of Colin the Caterpillar? I’m convinced avoiding this fresh circle of hell is the real reason many people book their birthday off.

TRP verdict: Three cheers for another good entry

3. Full Kit

Unless you’re a kid, engaged in an actual competitive sporting fixture or a professional athlete in training, there’s simply no excuse for wearing full kit. In fact, buying a matching top, shorts and socks should require ID, but you have to prove you’re under 13. I’d extend this to cyclists too. Bradley Wiggins needed every competitive advantage to win gold medals. But what is the full neon lycra, gloves, shades and those clippy-cloppy, tap dancing shoes achieving, besides putting the other people in the pub you’ve stopped at right off their Sunday lunch.

TRP verdict: Wiggins’ wannabees are the worst! You’ve completed the hat-trick

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