Coventry No.8 Ryan Burrows

Room 101: Coventry No.8 Ryan Burrows abhors bad drivers

After being selected in TRP’s Championship Dream XV 2019-20, Coventry No.8 takes us through three of his biggest pet hates.

1. Lorry drivers overtaking on major roads

Sometimes I think lorry drivers must forget what vehicle they’re in. When you see them move out of the slow lane into the middle lane to overtake another lorry on a dual carriageway or motorway, especially uphill, you know that means one thing – you’re going to be stuck behind them for ages.

TRP verdict: You’ve articulated your case very well, it’s going in.

2. ‘Rubber neckers’

When life is normal, I seem to spend most of my time in the car commuting to Coventry from South Yorkshire so I’m afraid I’ve gone for another road-related choice.

The last thing you need when all you want to do is get from A to B as quickly and safely as possible is unnecessary delays. So with that in mind, people who slow down to take a look at an accident on the other carriageway need to wind their necks in, it just causes the traffic to back up.

TRP verdict: No bending of the rules should be allowed, rubber neck or not. That’s 2 out of 2.

3. Bad manners

Upon holding a door open for someone or letting someone pass by on a narrow path or in a hallway, the least you should expect is a simple acknowledgment by way of a thankyou or a smile. I sarcastically say ‘you’re welcome’ so much so that my 7-year-old has started saying it too!

TRP verdict: Pardon me for being rude but this isn’t exactly an original choice. The door is slammed shut.

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