Ampthill fly-half Louis Grimoldby

Room 101: Ampthill fly-half Louis Grimoldby

Ampthill and ex-Harlequins fly-half Louis Grimoldby selects three of his biggest pet hates for entry to Room 101.

1. Airport security slackers

People at airport security who only begin to prepare to go through the security scanner just before they get there need to go into Room 101. Once they get there, they still mess about getting everything out of their bags before getting beeped because they’ve forgotten to take their watch off, slowing the annoying process down even more. That said, I’d happily stomach situations like this in the current climate as it would mean I’m going on holiday rather than being stuck at home in lockdown.

TRP verdict: You’ve passed the beep test.

2. Unnecessary clapping on planes

First up, let’s make this clear, I don’t mean clapping every Thursday for the NHS. I think that’s brilliant and it’s a shame we don’t show our appreciation for what they do even more. What I’m referring to is when people clap when the plane that they’re on safely lands. Obviously, it’s great to land safely but no-one feels the need to clap train drivers when they pull up at the station so why the difference?

TRP verdict: We agree, there’s no need for this clap-trap.

3 Loudspeaker idiots

Talking on your phone to someone on loudspeaker in public, especially in busy places, gets on my nerves. I’m not sure why some people feel the need to share their conversation with the world!

TRP verdict: We’re hearing you loud and clear on this one too.

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