Rich Lane

Room 101: Bedford Blues wing Rich Lane

Bedford Blues wing/full-back Rich Lane picks three of his biggest pet hates he deems worthy of entering Room 101.

1. Covid-19

A very obvious and topical choice. Whoever said one person can’t change the world has clearly never eaten an undercooked bat! You don’t realise how much sport impacts lives until there is absolutely none happening. Not only sport but the importance of human contact as well. Hopefully everyone stays safe and we can get back to normal as soon as possible.

TRP verdict: You’re definitely not in isolation with this choice. How can we possibly refuse entry?

2. The Yo-Yo test (or any fitness test really)

This is an S&C coach’s No.1 power play; it spreads instant panic and nerves among the squad. But let’s be honest, once the season starts selection is not going to be based on whether you can run five seconds longer in a fitness test. On the whole, it’s a terrible box-ticking exercise that has no impact on playing rugby.

TRP verdict: Having gone back and forth in our deliberations, we’ve decided to let you have this one too.

3. Clocks going back

Just recently the clocks have gone forwards but why did they need to go back in winter in the first place? It just feels that we inflict shorter days on ourselves for no apparent reason. Obviously, daylight hours are reduced naturally, but leaving the clocks as they are would still give us slightly lighter evenings and maybe make winter months that bit nicer.

TRP verdict: It would be daylight robbery if we chose to turn this down.

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