Nottingham wing Jack Spittle

Room 101: Nottingham winger Jack Spittle

Nottingham wing Jack Spittle has been one of the form wings in the second tier this season, scoring eight tries for the Championship club.

Yet, while he has had his moments to celebrate with his teammates, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with their own unique ways of annoying the 25-year-old. Back wingers like Jack to cross the line with the benefit of Bet Calculator.

Here, Spittle picks three of his biggest pet peeves in life.

1. Tight People

I can’t stand it when people intentionally skip a round or lose their wallet when it comes to paying for a taxi. My Nottingham teammate, Harry Strong, recently asked one of the lads’ girlfriends to chip in with helping with the bills because she was using too much water; she was only there for a weekend!

TRP verdict: You can penny-pinch your way into Room 101.

2. Breaking wind at inappropriate times

I get that everyone farts occasionally but when we’re stuck in a meeting room for an hour and someone keeps dropping one, I’m not sure if that’s appropriate. Surely, it’s common sense that not everyone wants the smell of your backside up their nose. Will Owen is a good example; he constantly has bad bowels and his Guinness farts linger around until the lights go on and the meeting is finished.

TRP verdict: They’ll be no farting around from us, it’s going straight in.

3. Loud noises

One thing I love is consistency but when someone is consistently loud and filling the air with pure rubbish, it really gets to me. I’m not sure if people know they’re doing it, but I’d implore them to have a think next time when no-one is contributing to their conversation. Ben Foley is a classic case in point. Since being at Nottingham, he has only been quiet for a cumulative 23 minutes – and ten minutes of that was when he found out about the RFU cuts!

TRP verdict: Farting and now verbal diarrhoea, it’s all getting too much.

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