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Room 101: Doncaster Knights wing and ex-Saint Howard Packman

Howard Packman - Doncaster

1. Leaving pots and pans to soak

I’ve had different house mates come and rent a room off me and retired rugby player Matt Beesley was the worst I’ve had to endure! He was terrible for just leaving dishes to soak without properly washing them, hoping that you’d need to use them before he did and would do the job for him instead.

TRP verdict: How can we scrub this one out? You’re off to a great start.

2. Bad oral hygiene

Cam Cowell is bad for this at Doncaster. He hasn’t had too much stick about this yet, because we didn’t want to upset him, so this is maybe the best way to go about it! I also feel sorry for anyone who has to interview Rory Hutchinson over the Six Nations, he used to only brush his teeth once every couple of days. His nickname is actually ‘Breath’, it never seems to get any better!

TRP verdict: Maybe you should give him a commemorative plaque?!

3. Reclining your seat on an airplane

Unless it’s a super long haul flight, I really don’t see why people need to recline their seats just for a couple of hours. Just give us some space! Unfortunately, as someone who doesn’t like confrontation, I just let it happen and accept it.

TRP verdict: Don’t worry, there’s plenty of leg room in Room 101. Get yourself in there.

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