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Why do gambling companies sponsor rugby teams?

There is evidence that gambling sponsorship in UK football has continued to grow year-on-year. According to the research, more than fifty percent of the Premier League or the Championship clubs are sponsored by the gambling operators for the 2018-19 season. It is the same case in Rugby League where the gambling companies have become a high-profile part of the rugby team.

Although this sector is less popular compared to the soccer, the operators compete to get names on the team’s shirts and kits which are very profitable for both parties. Why the gambling providers have been business with the professional rugby league?   

Target Audience

In terms of commercial perspective, the alliance with the rugby team represents good incomes to both sides. After the football, rugby attracts the betting companies so sponsoring is the quickest and the most effective ways for them to reach their target audience.

Since rugby sport has attracted men, the primary target audience is surely males whatever their age. As the rugby draws the majority of the wagers, it will reinforce the reputation and the trust of the gambling firm.

This form of marketing will enable event sponsorship to create reliance between the firms and the aficionados more easily. Many clubs have fans in all parts of the world that is essential to the success and longevity of the company.  

Brand Awareness

The renowned gambling firms use rugby sponsorships as part of their mainstream marketing campaigns in the goal to build awareness of their brands. As the logo of the sponsor and its brand name are prominently displayed on sportswear, millions of fans will surely notice them.

This shirt sponsorship wields transformative power that can promote the exponential increase in the brand recognition. That means when the logos and kits are worn by the players, it is a real advertisement to the company improving their marketing reach. As the rugby is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, the global fan base has also increased meaning a new and wider audience to brand new online casinos.

High Chance to Attract Casino Player or Bettor

Betting on sports has always been popular especially in the UK but it has boomed in the world since it was available online. Their growth has been fueled by the mobile device revolution so the gambling and betting have become great businesses. They are now becoming increasingly spread in the world sponsoring most of the major rugby tournaments.

Therefore, the steady rise in the profile of the gambling companies motivates the clubs to deal a partnership with them. Another reason to make these bookmakers partner with the rugby team is to extend their popularity. In the goal to have a high chance to attract many casino players or bettors, they don’t hesitate to cooperate with the rugby teams.

Obviously, due to a large number of the gamblers of bettors who place their bets on the platforms, the market value of the gambling sector is certainly expected to increase.  


The history of the sponsorship in the rugby team has always been a wider bias.  It is undeniable that the gambling industry has shown its growth for the last few decades and today they want to expand their business throughout the world.

One of the effective strategies the operators applied is to collaborate with the biggest clubs during the sports events. Today, global betting brands dominate the football clubs as well as the rugby teams. As these two sectors have gathered many enthusiasts, their alliance will lead to their mutual success.

Let’s not forget that the vast majority of the rugby fans place a bet for just enjoyment but mind that it will be huge incomes to the gambling firms.

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