The rise of rugby and how it became a global sport

There are so many ball games that are fun to play, and also fun to watch as others play. From football to soccer, tennis to rugby people from all around the world come together to join in a game or watch it live or on TV. But have you ever wondered how the game started? Do you know how rugby began, as well as what led to its popularity as a global sport? Let’s take a look!
The Inventor
A lot of football games were invented several decades ago. No one is sure who created the idea of playing with a ball as a game. Even though that is the case, these games have been loved by many and are still played up to this day. Football had been reinvented multiple times.
In the year 1823, rugby football started. A boy named William Webb Ellis was believed to have invented this game by running across a field with a ball in his hand during a football game at school. Ever since then, many football players followed that style and played it as a game. Eventually, the match became famous throughout the United Kingdom.
The Name
Most inventions are named after the inventor. Sometimes, they are named because of what they do. Other times, they are named after an event. But in the case of rugby football, this game was named after a place¾the school where William Webb Ellis started playing the game was called Rugby school. Because of that, the game, along with the school, became famous in the United Kingdom and later on, throughout the world.
The First Ever Competition
The first match of rugby happened in the final month of 1857 in Scotland. It was a match between Edinburgh University and Edinburgh Academicals. Since then, Rugby competition has been an interscholastic competition in the United Kingdom and all around the world.
The Fandoms and The Associations
One of the reasons why Rugby has become so popular is because of all the Rugby clubs that were established. These clubs are not just throughout its origin country but also in other countries. The first Rugby club established outside the British territories was the Montevideo Cricket Club in Uruguay, which was founded in 1861. They are the first non-British players of the now world-famous game.
Rugby was also acknowledged by the Football Association. This association was able to finalize the rules of both regular football and rugby football in 1863. It had also introduced the game to the world.
The First International Competition
The first international rugby competition was held in the year 1871. The game was a match between England and Scotland, which was won by the latter. With a score of 1-0 in favor of Scotland, it marked history and paved the road for its further international appearance.
The Olympics
Rugby football really expanded when it was played in the 1900 Olympics in Paris. However, this game was only played four times in the international sports competition. It was last played in the year 1924. But still, rugby made appearances in the recent Olympics, like the recent one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Nevertheless, rugby has become an international sport. It has been played throughout the world with many various competitions. These international rugby competitions include the Five Nations Championship, Rugby Football League Australia, South American Rugby Championships, South Africa Rugby League, the European Cup and then finally, the Rugby League World Cup.
The First Champions
The first nation to win a Rugby tournament in the Olympics is the United States. They had been back to back champions. The first winners of the Rugby League World Cup are Great Britain in the year 1954 in France. It was a long reign until other countries subsequently took the spot.
The Status of Rugby As of Today
As of today, Rugby is played throughout the world. No country is banning this game, making it widely accepted. The World Cup League is played every four years, and the 2019 Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan. 96 countries play this sport, but only about 20% were qualified. Until the year 2019 arrives, more and more players are striving to get their country a spot at impending World Cup.
From the humble beginnings of rugby, it is now one of the internationally most common played sports. Many countries who are not familiar with the game are starting to discover and enjoy it. Is rugby your favorite sport? If you’ve got a top team then you should head over to Sun Bets sports betting and let the world know who you cheer for!
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