Room 101: Sale Sharks forwards coach Dorian West

Sale Sharks forwards coach Dorian West pick three pet hates offered to judgement for Room 101.

1. Leaf clearing

Leaf blowers are great but it’s a never-ending job keeping leaves off the lawn. As soon as you get rid of some, more appear out of nowhere at this time of year. What with this, the dog digging holes and worms making their mud casts, the lawn you spent so long keeping immaculate in the summer gets a right old hammering. It’s not good.

TRP verdict: We don’t be-leaf it, Victor Meldrew has nothing on you. But we’ll say yes just to keep you happy.

2. Poor mobile signal

I live in the middle of nowhere, off Junction 22 of the M1, and the mobile signal is awful. Graham Rowntree used to call it the Markfield Triangle. The only way I can make a call is by using WhatsApp. 

TRP verdict: Thumbs up, you’ve definitely got us engaged.

3. Time wasted at the scrum

I love the scrum and coaching the scrum, but I just wish the whole process would happen quicker. I know you have to be mindful of health and safety and making sure the players are comfortable but I look back at some old matches and smile when you see the packs run in, get hold of their opponent and just get on with it without so much as a collapse or a second wasted. If it was half as quick now, it would be a bonus.

TRP verdict: No need re-set and go again, this has successfully made it through too.

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