England Sevens forward Richard de Carpentier

Room 101: England Sevens forward Richard de Carpentier

England Sevens international Richard de Carpentier pick three of his biggest pet hates for entry to Room 101.

1. Poor golf etiquette

There are loads of examples that fit into this category but the main one for me is people not letting you play through when you are clearly quicker than them. It drives me mad when you are stood there on the tee watching a group of old hackers taking seven practice swings and then duffing their shot 50 yards. They think they own the course.

TRP verdict: You’ve every right to be hacked off.

2. A dog’s short lifespan

How can a parrot live for 70 years and a turtle live for 80 years yet a man’s best friend has a much shorter lifespan? The years we get to spend with our dogs simply are not long enough for my liking.

TRP verdict: We don’t want to be in the doghouse so we’re going to let this one through too.

3. Poor manners

People who choose not to say thank you when you let them through a gap when you are driving really grind my gears. How hard is it to put one finger off your steering wheel? If I have stopped for you, the courteous thing to do would be to acknowledge it. It is the same if you hold a door open for someone in a shop and they ignore you. Manners cost nothing at the end of the day.

TRP verdict: It would be rude not to let this one in either.

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