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Room 101: Bath second row Elliott Stooke

Elliott Stooke

Even in the delights of a friendship and camaraderie of team sport, there are moments which can play on one’s personal gripes.

Here, Bath lock Elliott Stooke offers three pet peeves awaiting entry into Room 101.

1. Excessively loud snorting

I often hear Tom Dunn before I see him, due to his tendency to bring up a green‘un from the pit of his stomach through to his nose. I don’t like bad manners anyway and this just makes me wretch. Back in the day at Gloucester, me, Cal (Callum Braley) and Purds (Henry Purdy) would share a lift and Purds used to be at it all the time in the back of the car.

TRP verdict: How can this snot go in!?

2. Semesa Rokoduguni’s ice-cold hands

Roko must have the coldest hands on the planet, they’re like blocks of ice; he must be cold-blooded. He likes to put his freezing fingers on your bare legs when you’re in the changing room because of the reaction it gets. I’ve nearly put my back out several times recoiling in shock.

TRP verdict: No wonder he’s ice cool under pressure. We’ve warmed to this choice, and it’s another yes from us.

3. Vaping

I don’t like it when you’re walking down the street and the air is filled with billowing strawberry liquor flavoured smoke. People think it’s cool, but it’s not at all. It really does annoy me.

TRP verdict: You’re really smoking now. That’s the hat-trick.

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