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How to get profit from Surebets

It is quite feasible to get a guaranteed profit from sports betting if you follow certain methods and game strategies. Best among such strategies are surebets. 

The main benefit is 100% risk-free profit no matter the outcome. In such a case, the profit typically ranges from 3 to 15% of the total bets. I think you would agree that it is a pretty good income.

What are surebets and how do they appear? 

Surebet is an arbitrage situation in which bets on opposite outcomes of the same event in different bookmakers generate guaranteed profit.

Basic reasons for surebets appearance:

  1. Intense competition forces bookmakers to overstate the odds.
  2. Bookmakers belatedly react to the change of their competitors’ odds.
  3. Bookmakers make mistakes when setting odds.

As a result, there is a great difference between bookmakers’ odds due to which surebets appear.

All arbitrage situations are divided into live and prematch. Live surebets occur in sports events that are currently underway while prematch ones appear between those matches that start after a certain time. 

Example of arbitrage situation

Now let us proceed to consider the strategy on the example of a basketball match between Team 1 and Team 2.

1st sportsbook: Team 1 wins – @1.7; Team 2 wins – @2.9.

2nd sportsbook: Team 1 wins – @1.9; Team 2 wins – @2.7.

As we can see, the odds of the same outcome are different. Now let us calculate a surebet.

We choose the highest odds for each outcome: Team 1 wins – @1.9; Team 2 wins – @2.9. The formula is as follows: 1 / Team 1 win + 1 / Team 2 win = А

If A is less than one, it means the surebet exists. In our case, we get the following value: 1 / 1.9 + 1 / 2.9 = 0.53 + 0.34 = 0.87. Therefore, the surebet makes out. What concerns profit, it would be: 100% / А-100 = 15% (14.79%, to be more precise).

Search for surebets (arbitrage betting scanners)

As you can imagine, it is quite complicated to find surebets and calculate them on your own. That is why most bettors use special surebet scanners. These services collect odds from bookmakers’ lines, compare them, determine arbitrage situations and deliver them to clients.

BetBurger is an absolute leader among arbitrage betting scanners. It was launched in 2013 and has already gained an impressive reputation among a large number of professionals. For the time being, more than 80 thousand players have already taken advantage of its services.

BetBurger stands out among other scanners with a large selection of surebets, speed and quality of scanning. Odds are collected by the service from more than 150 markets in 30 sports and 100 bookmakers. Furthermore, the service is also great for working with other popular strategies, such as value betting and bookmaker middles.

BetBurger scanner is also remarkable for its extensive additional functionality (the extension for direct links to bookmakers, the menu for hiding unnecessary surebets, recording bets, etc.).

To sum up

As you can see, the arbitrage betting strategy is not as difficult to work with as it might seem at first glance. The surebet scanner can be of great help and make your work more efficient and profitable.

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