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What do rugby players do when they are not playing rugby?

They are invincible. They are focused. They cannot be stopped. But wait, does this mean that rugby players do only one thing with their super successful lives – play rugby?

They must be human, right?

A typical representative of our race spends days, sometimes even weeks doing nothing at all. Whether or not procrastination is productive, it doesn’t matter. We still need it to maintain balance.

It’s what we call working as a captain, playing like a pirate.

Are rugby players familiar with this concept, or are they always captains?

So, what do these champions do when they do nothing?


  • They Have Fun on Their Phones and Computers


Our first logical assumption – they play video games.

WCR, Rugby World Cup 2011, EA Sports Rugby, Rugby 2008 (still amazing), Jonah Lomu Rugby (because, you know, it’s a classic). Just kicking around their cool apartments, trying not spill beer on their consoles, exactly like us regular guys.

Then again, they are always away, right? Coming to the rescue, smartphones provide never-ending heaps of excitement and thrills to everyone, including our rugby players. It’s not hard to imagine them clicking through their long hours on the plane.

Perhaps they play online slots too?

With all the good fortune following them around the field, they might get tempted to try their luck on another terrain as well. You might have run into them on your favorite gambling site megacasino.co.uk without even knowing.

Ask them on Twitter. They’ll certainly respond.


  • They Go Out to Socialize


Since their careers often take them to exotic new destinations across the world (poor them!), it’s highly unlikely that our favorite real-life superheroes are staying locked inside their hotel rooms all on their own.

Even if we assume that they have fun playing online slot machines on Prime Slots and socializing with the rest of us mortals on social media, they’d still have to go out and explore the city, right? It can’t be that all those fancy restaurants and steamy clubs don’t tickle their ids just a little?

So, our second guess is – they go out to mingle.

With their superhuman good looks and their intergalactic success, we can only imagine the kind of gorgeous ladies who are keeping them company during these self-guided club tours and (possibly) bar crawls. Imagine away, mates, since that’s the only thing we’ve got.


  • They Spend Time with Their Family


Landing back home for Christmas, rugby players certainly rush off to their families for some long-due catching up. That’s a given.

Underneath all that husky physique must be a thick layer of relentless competitive spirit and persistent goal-getting. That stuff can leave calluses on your soul. Dive deeper, and there must be a regular guy or gal who’s missing the comfort and unconditional support that only a family can give.

Even the best among us cannot do without some good night’s sleep, so we must assume that our rugby players charge their batteries in their childhood sacks, right underneath life-size posters of their own idols. Again, just like us.

  1. They Think About Rugby – Because It’s Hard for Them to Stop!

If the Rugby Hall of Fame teaches us anything, it’s that our obsession with this sport never stops.

And if we cannot stop thinking about it, imagine how’s life for rugby players.

Pondering rugby’s many finesses might not be the worst thing in the world. We love the game when it’s packed with excitement and the outcome is uncertain, but we love it more when it’s downright clever. And boy, is rugby beautiful to watch when every pass is thought-through.  

How do you think they achieve this? Sure, they practice like crazy. But they also think about it all the time, planning their moves, strategizing their games, and honing their problem-solving skills off the field. This takes time, but hey, rugby players don’t exactly work 9 to 5.


That’s why we love them, after all. They don’t just play rugby, they think and breathe rugby. This and occasional outbursts of fun is what makes them invincible.

These were our best guesses for what rugby players do when they do nothing.

Do you think we’ve left something out? Pass it along.

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