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Sponsorships in Rugby

Sponsorships in Rugby are vital for the sport, both for Rugby League and Union. This also includes national teams too. In fact, England rugby has […]

Best Bookmakers to Bet on Rugby

Ruby is a high-paced contact sport with plenty of action during the 80-minutes of gameplay. While it’s a game that glorifies brute strength and aggression, […]

The history of the Six Nations

The French XV was only included in the 6-nation tournament in 1910, then excluded from 1931 to 1947. Each day, the JDD’s update explains a […]

The best sports to bet upon

Betting on sports has never been as popular as it is now. Bookies provide punters the ability to bet online, even on their smartphones. The […]

How to Bet on Rugby

This guide covers a few tips and hacks to help you start betting on Rugby. We look at some of the popular ruby betting options […]